"We at MCCH thank you for Helping our Organization"

From the time Mary Metobo the Founder of Motherly Care Children's Home opened the doors to her house to help a fraction of the countless children who by a result of death, economic hardships, health problems and displacements has led to an ever growing number of children who face an uncertain future.

For over 20 plus years and thanks to the kind deeds of many donors and volunteers from all over the world,  Motherly Care Childrens Home has provided  a roof , food  and education to the hundreds of children who have walked through the  gates of MCCH in Ruai.  children that were brought into the home.

 As  we the staff at MCCH continue our  work of providing food, shelter, education, clothing and etc to these children, your help is critical to making this possible. 

                       100% of all donations made to MCCH go towards the children needs.