Urgent request for donations due to COVID-19.


About Our Non-Governmental Organization

My name is Catherine Olesi. I am Project and Outreach Manager and also the Administrator for Motherly Care Children’s Home, an orphanage hosting around 100 children in Nairobi, Kenya.

Motherly Care Children’s Home is an Organization that provides care and support for orphaned, vulnerable and disadvantaged children who have been previously abused in the society, infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS as well as succumbed with poverty. To learn more please visit our website www.motherlycare.org.

As an organization we provide the children with five different programs:
1. Feeding Program
2. Education Program
3. Mentorship Program
4. Spiritual Program
5. Income Generating Program

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we had to lockdown the orphanage from any visitors to protect the kids and their safety but we are currently facing challenges with the feeding program which as per now is one of the biggest urgent need for the orphanage. Not being able to provide food to those who needs it most puts as in a deep and unique crisis. We are kindly requesting for your donation so that we can buy food for the coming months in order to overcome this challenge.

If you would like to help us please send your donation through our website using Paypal or transfer money directly into our Motherly Care Children’s Home bank
Account number 5800 555 002
at Diamond Trust Bank Kenya,

Thank you in advance for your decision to support this noble cause.

Catherine Olesi,

Project and Outreach Manager,
Motherly Care Children’s Home.

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Urgent request for donations
due to COVID-19

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