Urgent request for donations due to COVID-19.


We are a charitable organization so we depend on one time or long term sponsors who are willing to support on the emerging challenges we are facing.
People of good will and human sympathy, with feelings of love for children can hereby donate with their hearts for a noble service.
Join our team of volunteers to provided a roof, food and education to the hundreds of children who have walked through the gates of MotherlyCare in Ruai.
This year, do something great with your birthday. Rally your friends to give back by making a difference in the lives of poor youth around the world.

SPONSOR A CHILDGive one child the confidence, courage
and life skills to become greater than poverty

After being accepted to the university or colleges, our kids need your help so as to be able to pay for their university education and join their brothers and sisters who are already students at different universities around Kenya. As we continue proving our kids with competitive education we need your help in sponsoring both our primary and secondary students education which we do inhouse, so that we will be able to provide them with both material and teachers.

Current Projects

New Boys Dorm

New Boys Dorm

At the moment, the boys dorm is located next to the girls dorm. Due to the growing number of kids both male and female and also them getting older.


The need to build a new kitchen came as a result of the growing number of children that are served meals everyday.


Make A difference

All gifts and donations for the children are clearly documented to ensure that they reach the children promptly.

How your gift is invested

A safe place

It is only after we build confidence in the children by securing them a place that is Motherly Care Children’s Home and by providing programs that will hold them from sneaking and running away out of the institution. Programs like feeding, spiritual and scientific education, sports and other relevant activity.

A caring Team

Caregivers/Volunteers and teachers have a leeway to sharpened the children to be responsible members of the society. A team providing a new meaning for living a full life. Parenting at best.

A path out of poverty

Poverty is a major driving factor to the downtrodden and the disadvantaged in the society. Going through food in the dustbins, spending nights in the streets in pavement of shopping areas. But in Motherly Care we strive to define poverty as being an inferior to approach in life but giving confidence to face life head on.

Our Causes

Primary Residence
Providing an all-inclusive home environment to enhance their integration into society...
Basic Needs
Providing basic needs including a safe shelter, food, clothing and education ....
Providing basic needs including a safe shelter, food, clothing and education ....
Medical care
Access to health care may vary and is largely influenced by our financial limitations ...
Life Mentor
It hurts to realize that these children had no motherly care or guidance ...
Spiritual Growth
The home has a mission to provide loving, Christian nurture for children in need ...
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Urgent request for donations due to COVID-19

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