Our Legal Status

The home is registered with the ministry of home affairs and national heritage government of Kenya.

Laws- Children Act

All children who come to the home are cleared by the department of children.


To rescue and aid children who have been orphaned and displaced by political conflicts, HIV, AIDS, tropical diseases, and natural calamities.
To facilitate their up bringing in the home and give them a lasting hope for their lives.
To educate, train and give employment, relocate where necessary.
To start an international home for orphaned and displaced children from around the world where they will grow, receive love, train, and serve the nation’s world wide.

Organization Structure

The home is headed by a chairman who heads the board of directors and is divided into three divisions.

Board of directors
Management committee
Child rescue and rehabilitation agency


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God Bless you abundantlySincerely,Mary MetoboFounderMotherly Care Children’s Home

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