For accountability resource mobilization shall be done in accordance to our constitution.

The funds and properties of the Organization shall

  • Be utilized for promoting objectives of the Home through establishment vote heads.
  • Funds will be used for Food, Education and well being of the Children.
  • From time to time, the Motherly Care Children’s Home shall set rules and regulations governing receiving collection, expenditure and keeping of funds and properties for the promotion of her objective.
  • The Home shall employ qualified accountants who shall manage financial accountable documents safely and shall be held responsible for any misuse of such funds-loss damage or destruction of any financial records in a bid to conceal information likely to reveal financial mismanagement.

Auditing of Accounts

Where your donation goes?

All gifts and donations for the children are clearly documented to ensure that they reach the children promptly.

A lot of support to put up a smile to our children is highly appreciated that is for

  • Education sponsorship
  • Feeding programme
  • Income generating projects (for nurturing talents)
  • Spiritual upbringing
  • Building project
  • A token of appreciation for the teachers and caregivers

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