Urgent request for donations due to COVID-19.

This house welcomes anyone. And I’m not surprised, these children need all the help there is available. We decided to arrange our visit to MCCH by contacting the house directly and very quickly received an invite to visit the children. In preparation for the trip we arranged among friends and work colleagues collections of the...


Volunteering with MCCH for a month was not a long-pre planned decision for me but for sure the most rewarding experience ever. Since the moment I heard about the project, I realised that was what I was searching for as a social commitment plan. MCCH’s founder Mary Metabo was extremely supportive; as soon as she...


It was so exciting to arrive to MCCH and see smiles of children. They were all so cute, wonderful and friendly. Our time with them was full of fun, joy, happiness and beautiful moments. It was such a privilege to be a part of their lives and also help them. Everybody was so welcoming from...

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Urgent request for donations due to COVID-19

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