Vocational Training And Income Generating Department

Income generating projects are a very important part of our future plans not only to provide funding for the future running of the home but to also  nurture our kids or learners to be self reliant.

One way we are attempting to achieve this is through funding from Michael and his family which enables our farming activities in Narok.  The farm is already being used to cater for the feeding of our children while the surplus harvest is donated to  other needy not institutions. The larger share of the farm will be used for income generating farming. Training will be offered to not only our kids but others who wish to learn on how to run a successful and profitable farm.

Motherly Care Children's Educational Center

One of Mary’s Metobo goal when starting this orphanage was to provide these kids with quality education. After the initial goals of providing shelter and food to the kids, Mary started informal education after the kids were denied enrollment into the neighbouring schools. Soon after the educational center became a formal educational institution  that has been  responsible for instilling the foundation that our earlier kids used and saw them competing and entering our main universities, colleges and technical institutions.

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