Our Causes

Children are in our home as a matter of necessity. This means we need to support and care for our children with all the basic needs that is food, shelter, clothing, medical care and of course education.


Primary Residence

Providing an all inclusive home environment to enhance the intergration of special needs children with their mainstream peers.


Basic Needs

Providing basic needs including safe shelter ,food ,clothing, education ,spiritual nourishment ,technical and academic skills and lasting hope for their existence to full life.



Is an embodiment of the dream of a brighter future for our children as the late Mama Mary had envisioned. Currently we support our children in the education from the primary and secondary school inhouse and later also with support in University and College level.


Medical care

Access to health care may vary largely influenced by financial limitations. The only government health clinic provides diagnosis only and we source funds to purchase medications for our kids.


Life Mentor

It hurts to realize that these children had no motherly care or guidance. The Late Mary Metobo had to pray to God to give her a big heart so as to give these children a better life.


Spiritual Growth

The home has a mission to provide loving, Christian nurture for needy and disadvantaged children of all backgrounds and religions so as to help them become responsible members of their family community ingrained with a good Christian character.


Entrepreneurial Skills

To enable them to be self-sufficient in life. Basic after school activities like shaving, mending shoes, tailoring, baking bread, bead making – all this helps them break the cycle of poverty.


Grow Individual Talents

It’s a place whereby talents are nurtured to allow children maximize their potential and get an opportunity to grow their talent at an early stage of their life.


Stable Life

We allow our kids to learn the purpose of life and make them realize the things they truly need. Such supports simplifies their life and make them grow from where they have come from.

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