Due to all the services being provided for our children day in day out, Mcch reached a point where our infrastructure was in need of maintenance often. The cost, time and energy that was being dedicated to the maintenance of this infrastructure made it clear of the need of new permanent infrastructure. Due to this funding issues, replacement of the buildings in question with permanent buildings become a need that had to be dealt with sooner not later. The more we wanted to buy time, the more the cost reminded us of the need to build permanent structures that will reduce the cost of maintenance while also being able to serve our kids in a more economical way.

The 4 projects that are underway are the kitchen, multipurpose hall, a new boys dorm, ( the intent here is to move the boys dorm further away from the girls dorms) and additional classes.


The need to build a new kitchen came as a result of the growing number of children that are served meals everyday and also a need a need to economically be able to prepare this meals in more energy efficient cookers, provide storage area for food and space to be used for serving the kids.

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At the moment, the boys dorm is located next to the girls dorm.  Due to the growing number of kids both male and female and also them getting older, we felt it was time to separate the two dorms and place one in a totally different location instead of just being next to each other.

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We would like to build a new hall for the need: to move to a different location hence creating more open space, to house national examination not that we had received permission and to worship in an all weather building.

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The home is blessed to have children who have  talents that can be used to help and educate the other children at the home. We started this project so as the kids of MCCH will learn different trades while still being educated.

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